An Online Lead Generation Offer You Can't Refuse

Our Online Lead Generation services are drastically more effective than most traditional lead generation techniques.

Our program allows you to:

  • Not worry about anything but handling leads
  • Significantly increase sales leads
  • Have your clients chase you instead of you chasing them
  • Choose the type of clients you wish to contact you
  • Pay as much, or as little, per lead as you want, not a cent more

Furthermore, there is:

  • No long-term contract or commitment
  • An ability to cancel the service at anytime with no additional costs to you
  • A trial period with no obligations

The above points should be more than enough to make you pick up the phone and
call us on 03 9863 8377 right now.

However, read on if you would like a more in-depth look and explanation as to why our methods are superior to most lead generation companies you may have dealt with in the past.

We Make Our Lead Generation Experience Work for You

First of all, we'd like to make it absolutely clear that there is no secret knowledge or overly-complicated methodology involved in our processes; we generate our leads through various well-known Pay-Per Click platforms, mostly Google AdWords and well-established (in Australia) Social Media Networks.

The key reason for our success, and the main difference between us and our competitors, is that we have been professionally managing online lead generation through AdWords since 2005 and know the "Pay-Per-Click" system inside-out. We can make our experience work for you.

Now, let us guide you through the above statements and explain exactly what you will get.

Only Worry about Handling Sales Leads

We carry out extensive research and analysis to determine who your online competition is, who your ideal customers are and how they behave online.

Therefore, before we even start putting your campaign together, we know exactly:

  • Who you're going to be competing with;
  • What your competitors are doing online,
  • What your perspective clients are typing into the search box.

Your only concern is to deal with the incoming sales leads we send your way.

Make Your Clients Chase You

When you deal with a traditional lead generation company, sales leads are usually generated via cold calling and mailing lists (offline and online).

Although the cold calls and mailing lists may be strategically tailored to reach your target audience, the fact of the matter is, the company is initiating contact with the customer. We believe it should be the other way around.

Besides, when using traditional methods there is no guarantee that the target needs your products or services at the time of contact. The vast majority of these calls, mails and e-mails are an absolute waste of your money.

In contrast, our lead generation campaigns are designed to reach customers in your target audience that want to deal with you now - you can be assured that most of the people we reach are actively looking for your products or services.

Imagine the difference it would make to your business if you could make your clients chase you instead of you chasing them!

As we said before, there are no tricks to what we do. We use the Pay-Per-Click platform to target potential clients. Your sales leads will be generated only by people actually looking for your products or services on the Internet.

See the difference? You don't pay us for all the misses. We only charge for actual qualified enquiries.

Pay for Quality, Not Quantity

We are able to tailor, to your requests, the type of clients that contact you. For example, if you specialise in car loans you may want:

  • Enquiries from people with a good credit history;
  • Enquiries from people who are currently employed;
  • Enquiries from people looking for loans over $10,000

These are the real requirements from one of our lead generation clients.

We are able to make sure that the sales leads we generate meet the requirements specified by you.

Furthermore, we also provide you with the capacity to reject, and hence not pay for, unsatisfactory leads.

Pay As Much Per Lead As You Want

You only pay for enquiries - our strategy focuses on maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI), therefore we have rid our pricing structure of all fixed overheads. There are:

  • NO set up fees
  • NO service/management fees
  • NO ongoing maintenance fees

This leaves you with a completely variable, cost effective, payment plan that depends entirely on the amount of enquiries you receive.

No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments - Trial First, Then Pay As You Go

We do not lock you into a long-term commitment or make you sign a 12 month contract. All you'll have to do is agree to purchase the first 100 leads generated by us, at a price set by you. After that you are free to cancel the service at any time with no additional costs.

Furthermore, if we fail to generate 100 leads within an agreed period of time, then we refund you the whole amount paid and you'll keep all the leads that have been generated.

This is a no-risk, "win-win" scenario for your business!

Setting Your Own Cost-Per-Lead

We're sure that most businesses would be happy to pay a commission for every lead they receive, wouldn't they? The only question you need to ask yourself is - How much would I pay for a closed deal? - and then spread this figure across a number of leads determined by your conversion rate.

The calculator below will help you in establishing the optimum cost per lead.

What is your average margin per sale? $
How many enquiries do you convert into sales?      out of 10
What is your desirable return on investment?      %

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